Porter's Land Surveys

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Porter's Land Surveys
Ted J. Porter
Maine Registered Professional Land Surveyor
License # PLS2514

Ready To Serve.  Specializing in boundary surveys.  Thorough and accurate.

You need to know where your property boundaries are, and we can help. We take great satisfaction in performing boundary surveys to the highest standards. Thorough records research. Diligent reconnaissance. Accurate field work. Precise computations.  With us, land surveying is as much a hobby as it is a business. We aim to establish a reputation for performing high quality surveys at a reasonable cost. We will not be happy with anything less!
  1. Thorough Research
    Thorough Research
    Unlike typical title searches, we research deeds and related documents back to when the boundaries were first created.
  2. Diligent Reconnaissance
    Diligent Reconnaissance
    When we look for evidence of boundaries, we go the extra mile. Like the best detectives, we "leave no stone unturned".
  3. Accurate Field Work
    Accurate Field Work
    We use modern equipment and the best methods to ensure accurate measurements in the field.
  4. Precise Computations
    Precise Computations
    Our computation and drafting software was designed specifically for land surveying and produces precise results and high quality survey plats.
Long Lasting Monumentation

We mark your boundaries only after we are fully convinced of their correct location.  We use monumentation that we intend to be easy to find and will last for decades.